The First Cup


Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

The first cup of coffee has always been special. The first thought of going into that black,bitter,bold liquid. Never would I have guessed it would become an addiction, a necessity to function, to become part of my soul.

It all started with instant coffee, a coffee that now makes my blood curdle. But it was that first step into a world that I never thought would have been possible. The mellow, sour notes and plastic processed taste, will always be the first memory that lingers. From there it would just get better.

This blog, was meant to be an exploration of coffee, not just from where I am, but from travels, from gifts, and from experiences. This is my coffee journey, in a world where capitalism is on the rise, and quality and equality is neglected, I am here to feed my addiction, and explore, where possible, their origins.

Published by Muhammad Fadhil Abu Bakar

Full time coffee addict, I have studied coffee in Melbourne Australia, home to probably one of the best coffee scenes in the world. Currently an instructor teaching Hospitality, mostly concentrating on barista and restaurant services.

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